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President Stanley Townsend talking about our new direction

A good time was had by all at this year's annual Pizza and Beer Night on September 15 in Ernest's Dining Room at NAIT. President Stanley Townsend took the opportunity to talk about some of the Board's plans to take the Branch in a new direction and change the way we operate to engage our members - old and new.

News & Highlights

  • 2014 / 2015 Workshop Schedule

    – The tentative schedule is set and planning is underway. There's something for everyone. Come out to learn something new and have fun at the same time. Go to the workshop page for details.
  • 2014 / 2015 Branch Calendar

    – The Executive has been very busy (and still is) coming up with a plan to take the Branch in a new direction that will more fully engage, interest and excite the members. 'Meetings' are definitely going to change drastically and plans are in the works for a culinary competition or two as well as events that get us into the community we live. We encourage you to support your Branch by attending as many of these events as you can. Please go to the meetings and workshops schedule page to see what's booked so far.
  • CCI Program News

    – Unfortunately, there were not enough candidates registered at NAIT by the September deadline to run the program this year. If you would like to know more about the CCC certification process, contact John Bond by email at The Canadian Culinary Institute's website is an excellent resource for culinarians wanting to take the next steps. Visit to learn more .about the Certified Chef de Cuisine, Certified Working Chef and the Certified Master Chef programs.

Upcoming Events – October and November

We encourage you to get involved in your Branch activities, participate, and be part of our community! It is one more tool to help you grow professionally.

  • The Art of Cheesemaking Workshop – October 6, 2014

    Join NAIT’s Cheesemaster, Alan Roote, and learn to make basic cheeses in our hands-on cheese- making workshop. Experience what each stage of the process looks like from milk handling through pressing. We will also discuss the ways you can brine, dry and age cheese on a small scale, economically at home. The workshop starts at 6:00 in Lab 0-122 at NAIT. To reserve your spot, please call the office at 780-475-2433 or email Limited to 20.
  • International Chefs Day – October 2014

    Once again CCF Edmonton will participate in International Chefs Day. The details are TBA. Stay tuned.
  • The Smokehouse Workshop – November 3, 2014

    Hickory, dickory, dock. Join us and learn the art of hot and cold smoking a variety of foods including cheeses, nuts, pasta and fish. Brines, cures and smoking mediums will be featured. The workshop starts at 6:30 sharp in Lab U-122 at NAIT. To reserve your spot, please call the office at 780-475-2433 or email Limited to 20.

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